Group 8

Square Footage

2,500 SF

Group 9


Kennesaw, GA & Douglasville, GA

Group 10

Contract Value


Kennesaw, GA
Interior buildout of a 2,500 sf sauna gym. Scope included demolition, framing/drywall, acoustical ceilings in back of house areas with open to deck main area that received dry fog ceiling paint, rubber gym flooring and luxury vinyl tile, wall graphics, paint, fire sprinkler, exposed painted spiral duct work, plumbing for new restrooms and showers, electrical, and fire alarm. challenge to this project was finding a location for the addition of a large 112.5 kva transformer and new panels to produce the 400 amp power required for the saunas.

Douglasvilla, GA
Interior buildout of a 1,897 sf sauna gym. Scope included demolition, framing and drywall, painted open ceilings, painting, sauna installation throughout, LVT and rubber flooring installation, security system installation, new service, new electrical panel and electrical throughout, sprinkler installation, plumbing for restrooms, shower, and washer and dryer, new HVAC and ductwork, power to saunas.