WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC excels in multi-site “programs” in which one client has several properties in varying locations that need construction services. These “rollout” projects allow for fast-track services with consistent top-level quality.

Professional Program Management

What We Offer

WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC offers experience in a variety of Program Management Contracts including but not limited to:

  • High Volume Rebranding – Times change quickly and so do trends. Keeping up with our client’s new look is important.
  • High Volume Remodels
  • High Volume Buildouts
  • High Volume Signage swaps
  • High Volume lighting swaps

What to Expect

Fast-track scheduling

Consistent quality across multiple sites

Familiar representation in the field and office


How are you able to manage so many projects at one time and deliver quality?

We take the time upfront to learn the clients’ needs and put together a program that works. Preparation upfront is key to having successful rollout programs and having our onsite representation part of these preparations ensures the client that the plan will be adhered to in the field.