Design Build delivery has become increasingly popular in the last few years and WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC has an extensive background. Through this method the client can engage the contractor and the design team at the very early stages of the project. With the design team and contractor working together, this method helps maintain the clients’ budget, schedule, and design needs. WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC has relationships with several design, architectural and engineering firms. Introducing the client to a professional team ensures a successful project and sets the bar at the very inception of the project.

Professional Design Build

What We Offer

This delivery methods creates a tight bond between all parties of the construction project. WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC will be with represent the client at early stages and directs the project to success. Design can be adjusted as the project develops so the client can make their vision come to life at the end.

What to Expect

Design with the client’s budget in mind

Ability to adapt to design change during construction

Heavy involvement in the planning stage


How does the Design Build process work?

Design Build projects are those in which the Contractor takes the lead in initiating the design team. Below outlines the process:

Client engages WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC to be Design Build Contractor
Client brings conceptual design intent to WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC
WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC establishes conceptual budgets
Client approves conceptual budget
Design begins on Construction Documents (CDs) for client review
After client approves the Construction Documents WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC submits for permit
Permit is released and construction begins
During construction, some design elements can be changed