WR Mitchell Contracting, LLC understands that budget, design, and schedule are of the utmost importance when it comes to a construction project. Getting to know the client’s needs at the very early stage of the project helps deliver quality projects that meet all client expectations.

Professional Pre-Construction

What We Offer

Our Pre-Construction department handles:

  • Document and Conceptual Review
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Constructability Review and Analysis
  • Permit Services – Including submittal and expediting
  • Design Development

What to Expect

Quick and accurate turnarounds

Collaboration with Project Management

Development of Project Strategy


What is needed to start the pre-construction process?

Simply click here to submit a quick email of your construction needs and we can send you a form with a few questions we need to get the process started.

I am negotiating a lease and the landlord is asking for cost of construction, but I don’t have contractor selected. How do I come up with this cost?

We work with clients like this all the time and usually able to walk through the project with the client via a quick phone conversation and come up with a budget. We also advise clients through the lease process. The advantage to using us through these early stages is that we can:

  1. Introduce you to a design firm
  2. Help you through the permitting process
  3. Establish a true cost and usually beat our original budget
  4. We have already been introduced to you!!